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eLabNext Drives More Organised and Collaborative Operations for GrittGene Therapeutics

3 min read 23 Apr 2024

“Using the eLabNext software has increased productivity in our lab. This software has enabled us to keep track of our inventory, experiments, and even equipment! As our team grows, we need an effective way to cohesively collect and share all our data and information; eLabNext does just that and much more!”

Hannah Chan, Research Associate II at GrittGene Therapeutics

GrittGene Therapeutics

GrittGene Therapeutics is a biotechnology company headquartered in Glendale, California, and is committed to curing patients with Myotonic Dystrophy Type 2 (DM2). The inherited disease is caused by mutations in the CNBP gene and is characterised by myotonia (e.g., muscle tensing) and muscle weakness, pain, and stiffness. GrittGene Therapeutics stands out as an interdisciplinary platform that employs a fast spectrum of cutting-edge technologies ranging from CRISPR-based gene editing to the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI). In collaboration with the private sector, clinicians, academia, and expert scientists from various branches of the pharmaceutical industry, they develop unprecedented and personalised cell therapy combined with gene-specific editing and tissue-specific small molecule drug delivery for targeted treatment of DM2.


Short-term: In the short term, GrittGene Therapeutics’ goal is to develop therapeutic cell lines ready for pre-clinical animal studies. 

Long-term: GrittGene Therapeutics aspires to develop proper diagnostic tools, treatment, and then cure for patients with DM2.   


To enhance the traceability of research operations and cooperation between teams

GrittGene Therapeutics needed a software platform to easily track lab supplies (including catalogue numbers, lot numbers, expiration dates, and other metadata) and different versions of experimental protocols, data, and results. This information must also be accessible and easily shared between GrittGene’s five team members and all relevant collaborators across partner organisations. 

Finding a solution to these challenges would make it easier to efficiently and in real-time share and compile data and results within the team. In addition, communications with collaborators, supply management, document version control, and information storage within lab notebooks would be less cumbersome and time-consuming.


eLabNext’s platform offers GxP compliance with the right combination of cost and service

To avoid these issues, GrittGene Therapeutics began searching for accessible, easy-to-use software that the whole team could use to efficiently track materials, supplies, experimental results, and protocols. They evaluated several vendors, including eLabNext, which they learned about through an Eppendorf vendor show in the BioLabs LA incubator. For GrittGene Therapeutics’ needs, eLabNext offered the right balance of cost and services and a GxP-compliant platform.


GrittGene Therapeutics implemented the eLabNext digital lab platform in a few short weeks, inputting their data into the software and changing/editing the relevant formats and categories. After fully implementing the eLabNext software in their labs, they have kept track of inventory, protocols, equipment, and experimental data/results and have a platform for anyone in the team to view and use this information.  

eLabNext enables more organised lab operations

GrittGene Therapeutics uses the eLabJournal lab management software, giving them the flexibility to use eLabInventory and eLabProtocols. Within eLabJournal itself, the company uses the inventory, protocol, and journal sections the most.  

The inventory tab has helped the company catalogue supplies, enabling rapid and customisable inventory input. The journal tab is used to keep track of past experiment notes and establish protocols for anyone in the lab to use. The protocols tab is used to input protocols relevant to their experiments and includes fields for the experimental purpose, experiment duration, required materials/equipment, safety considerations, and steps. 

Once an experiment is done, GrittGene’s personnel can integrate all of this information: The journal tab creates a completed report that includes the supplies/materials used, protocols, notes/findings, and even any images, graphs, and/or charts generated. As the company expands operations, eLabNext’s platform offers easy scalability for new users and equipment (including information on serial numbers, certificates, and other paperwork).

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eLabNext Drives More Organised and Collaborative Operations for GrittGene Therapeutics

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