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eLabNext provides a One-Stop Solution for Deka Bioscience

2 min read 07 Dec 2021

By implementing eLab, Deka Bioscience was able to streamline its production and testing processes as well as its data management systems.

Pavel Khrimian, Co-founder & CEO

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Deka Biosciences

Deka Bioscience is a three-year-old biotechnology R&D startup focused on the discovery and development of the next generation of cytokine therapies to treat devastating diseases such as cancer, Crohn’s, sepsis, psoriasis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Co-founder & Chief Business Officer Pavel Khrimian explains that Deka used nature as its guide in designing an enhanced manufacturing scaffold platform that extends half-life, targets specific tissues, and delivers disease-controlling dual cytokine (Diakine™) combinations directly into affected tissues. Responses to a given cytokine vary. Deka has also developed disease-specific assays to determine who will best respond and benefit from the Diakine therapies.


Science: Next-generation targeted cytokine therapy coupled with precision medicine patient selection. Based on years of research, we have developed first-in-class Diakines™, novel dual cytokine molecules, and disease-specific assays for patients with cancer and inflammatory diseases.

having recently secured $20M in Series A funding, we plan to file an IND for our lead oncology molecule, cutting a path to scientific progress, therapeutic advances, and sustainable profitability through patterning/M&A.


So Many Challenges, So Little Time

To achieve and maintain excellence in all aspects of the discovery, development, and deployment of a novel set of biological and biotechnological tools. We work in a highly regulated environment, requiring rigorous compliance and robust, safe, and secure inventory management and processes. To make a decision on the all-important choice of a laboratory information system, we determined that the system attributes most important to us at Deka Bioscience are:

  • Compliance
  • Safety of information
  • Ease of use
  • Focused on the needs of biotech startups
  • Customer service

We knew full well that without such a system at Deka Bioscience:

  • Compliance with the rigorous requirements of therapeutic biotechnology R&D would fail
  • Productivity in every part of our operation would be reduced
  • Management of our physical archive of samples would be haphazard and unreliable
  • Documentation of every step of the research, development, and production processes would be back in the days of paper lab notebooks, all too often leading to loss of information and the inability to view every transaction and result in a strict, time-stamped sequence.


eLabNext Stands Out for Research and Development and Day-to-Day Operations

eLabNext stands out for ease and speed of implementation, ease of use, and excellent customer service. At this particular stage in the company’s history, we rely heavily on it for the development and documentation of new processes. And on the day-to-day practical level, the management of inventory has become completely reliable, safe, and secure, with virtually no chance of human error.


All Challenges Met in a Single Stroke with eLabNext

By implementing eLabNext, we were able to streamline our production and testing processes and establish a robust, impregnable foundation of data management systems. In doing so, we also enabled rigorous compliance with the external regulatory requirements and significantly increased productivity in multiple areas of the company.

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