Extending the Digital Lab Platform with eLabNext Developer: The scalable and future-proof digital lab solution for R&D life science labs

By Wouter de Jong 2 min read 18 Jan 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of life science research and development, eLabNext has established itself as a pioneering all-in-one Digital Lab Platform (DLP). The introduction of eLabNext Developer underlines its commitment to serve as an open ecosystem designed to seamlessly integrate with and extend the core functions of its Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) with integrated Sample, Inventory and Equipment Management. In this blog article, I delve into the myriad of opportunities that eLabNext Developer offers to eLabNext customers and a solution for providers of products and services used in life science R&D labs.

Embracing an Open Ecosystem for Life Science R&D

The core philosophy of eLabNext is to foster an open ecosystem that easily integrates with various tools and services used in small and medium-sized biotech and pharma enterprises and academic institutes. This approach ensures that the platform remains versatile and adaptable to the dynamic needs of its primary users. eLabNext Developer is a testament to this philosophy, offering an environment for building add-ons for third-party products, services, and devices that seamlessly connect to the eLabNext digital lab platform.

The Democratic Digital Lab Experience

eLabNext Developer represents a first-of-its-kind, democratic, and comprehensive developer experience. It empowers users to extend the functionality of eLabNext by building new functionalities or adapting existing functions to automate, integrate, or optimise lab operations. The foundation of eLabNext serves as a centralising force, connecting various lab operations and making the platform multidimensional, as opposed to the one-dimensional nature of traditional ELN or LIMS systems.

Key Features of eLabNext Developer

  • First-to-market developer hub for life science R&D Lab Platform: An all-in-one comprehensive platform to access developer tools to build, deploy, test and release add-ons for the eLabNext Marketplace.
  •  Extend or adapt the eLabNext Digital Lab: Adapt current workflows of functions in eLabNext or extend and integrate existing IT and information systems using our Software Development Kit (SDK) and API, thereby further increasing efficiency, data consistency, and automation of processes in the lab.
  •  Enable complete Lab Digitalisation: Enable providers of devices, products, and services to leverage eLabNext to connect their products and services to a digital lab used by more than 60,000 scientists around the globe.
  •  Future-Proof and Scalable Digital Lab Platform: As market needs change and new products enter the market, eLabNext Developer will enable life science R&D labs to adapt to future changes and trends by allowing easy integration of software tools, product, and services as they will become available to the market.

Unleash the Power of your lab with eLabNext Developer

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