Read multiple samples at a time with Eppendorf RackScan

Integrate Eppendorf RackScan for a more seamless and efficient sample reading process. Manually scanning each individual vial for cryostorage can be time-consuming. Eppendorf RackScan can read complete storage racks with up to 96 different barcoded vials at a time. The scanner software transfers the coded sample IDs to eLabJournal and the CryoStorage vial is stored in the ULT freezer.

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Eppendorf RackScan b enables you to scan sample tubes with DataMatric (2D) codes placed on the bottom of vessels for easy reading. To read side-labeled vessels, simply attach the „s“ accessory to the instrument. Eppendorf RackScan integration makes it easy to export data directly to eLabJournal.

Eppendorf RackScan – Features & benefits

  • Camera-based system for fast data reading
  • Small footprint to save space
  • Robust design for long life
  • Easy and fast sample code recognition
  • Automatic data transfer to eLabJournal

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