Electronic Lab Notebook

  • What export formats are available?

    The following export formats are supported: PDF, HTML, XML, or JSON.

  • What happens if a person leaves the lab?

    If a student or scientist leaves your lab, you can block the user in the lab. The account of the user will be locked to view or access any data in the lab. All data added by the user in the labs remains available for the lab to use, even though the user has no access anymore. The license seat taken by the blocked user can be allocated to a new user. If your organisation has a key-user that centrally manages user accounts, disabling a user will deactivate the user account. The particular user cannot log in to his/her account anymore.

  • What do I need to use Office Web Apps?

    As Excel is a Microsoft product, the use of Excel in eLabJournal by the end-user requires a license. Most (academic) organisations have a volume license for Microsoft Office’s use that includes unlimited use of Microsoft Office Web Apps by its employees. In that case, the use of Office Web Apps in eLabJournal is allowed without additional license costs in the Private Cloud and On-Premises installations. In case your lab uses the Cloud, Excel can be included either as an add-on in the Cloud license for an additional license fee, or we can provide a dedicated Office Web Apps server for your organisation that is licensed under the client’s existing office volume license. For a free alternative to Microsoft Excel integration in eLabJournal, you can install the free add-on eLabWebEdit.

  • What kind of data can I link in the ELN?

    You can upload and link any file or file type in an experiment registered in the Electronic Lab Notebook

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