Web-based Protocol & SOP Management

eLabProtocols is a quick and easy-to-use system for designing lab protocol templates and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Management.

  • Create step-by-step experimental procedures
  • Design output parameters specific to your experiment
  • Minimize calculation mistakes

Available individually or integrated into eLabJournal ELN.

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eLabProtocols Key Features

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Full Lab Protocol Management

Make individual or group-level SOP templates that define experiments and collection processes.

Assign variable parameters

Customize procedures with dynamic fields (variables and formulas) that are easily adjustable.

Globally shared lab protocols

You can make protocols available to other users for use in their experiments.

Protocol import supported

Easily import any existing lab protocols or SOPs into this module.

Automated Data Back-ups

Our products are hosted in three different geographic locations that replicate data in real-time.

Export to PDF

To ensure your data can be archived on your local server, export data to PDF.

Add-ons from eLab Marketplace

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