All Digital 2 – Paths to Lab Nirvana

paths to lab nirvana

Having read our white paper, “All Digital 1–It’s Time to Transition”, to understand the importance of switching from a paper to an electronic management system, we can discuss the next steps in your journey to a more digital space–the paths to lab nirvana.

When going digital, the most difficult decision is where to begin. The entire research process is complicated and composed of different levels and forms of data. To stay organized and efficient, it is necessary to implement an excellent management system for your lab samples and inventory, experiment, and data collection protocols, along with a secure and easily accessible database for your fellow lab scientists.

Simple spreadsheets and location databases are not enough to keep your inventory and samples in check. Instead, you may want to begin with an inventory management module for a clean start. It is important to note that no matter which path is chosen, labs and organizations (large or small) eventually adopt all management systems.

Download our white paper, “All Digital 2–Paths to Lab Nirvana”, to read more about:

  • Why you should start with an inventory management module
  • Why you may want to start with an ELN instead
  • Why the order doesn’t matter in the long run

There are a few factors your lab can use to navigate this journey. Read our next white paper, “All Digital 3–Evaluation Checklist”, for further understanding.


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