Based on feedback from our customers, we continuously add new features and improve the functionality of eLabNext products. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let our customer care team know!

The planning for the release of updates for customers with a Private Cloud or On-Premises installation is available in the scheduled Update Cycle.

Version: 2.16.3

  • Fix: [System] – Solved issues that prevented database upgrades from running correctly.
  • Fix: [System] – Made migrations compatible with older mariadb versions.
  • Fix: [System] – Solved issue with signing experiments using SAML.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved issue with validation of required sample type fields.
  • Fix: [System] – Several other minor fixes.

Version: 2.16.2

  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved issue in advanced search where the sorting was not always applied.
  • Fix: [Equipment] – Solved issue where validation dates were not always visible.
  • Fix: [Group] – Group invite request is now send to the group owner.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved issue where the label templates tab was not visible for certain scopes of add-on.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Solved issue with checking version compatibility of add-ons.
  • Fix: [System] – Several other minor fixes.
  • Improvement: [Add-on] – Several improvements for the ChemAssist add-on.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Message displayed when changing scope of add-ons.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – During import of samples, the user is now asked which time zone to apply for date/time fields.
  • Improvement: [System] – New version of the documentation.

Version: 2.16.1

  • Improvement: [Add-on] – Several improvements for the ChemAssist add-on
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved authentication security for oAuth 2.0 authentication in dedicated installations.
  • Improvement: [Add-on] – Downloaded files from OOS add-on sections are have the section name in case it was started as a new file.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Values in options fields are now sorted alphabetically when setting up search conditions in the advanced sample search.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Solved an issue that a free trial for paid add-ons could not be started in certain cases.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Validation for SMILES was not working correctly when updating samples in batch with the ChemAssist add-on.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – The option to edit samples in batch was not displayed for users without permissions to change the sample owner.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Dropdown menus were not displayed correctly and could not be copied when updating samples in batch.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Solved an image scaling issue in the install add-on dialog.
  • Fix: [System] – Several other minor fixes.

Version: 2.16.0

  • Feature: [Marketplace] – Version compatibility for add-ons can now be set to only allow installation of add-ons on systems that are compatible with the add-on or add-on version in the Marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Added the option to select the add-on version when installing an add-on.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Various visual improvements for displaying add-ons in the Marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Long search list names are now displayed in a tooltip.
  • Improvement: [Equipment] – Added the option to mark a validation as active for a device.
  • Improvement: [File Storage] – Improved usability of the Search function in the File Storage.
  • Improvement: [SDK] – Improved mechanism to keep the SDK documentation up to date.
  • Fix: [System] – Updated links to getting started documentation when starting a new free trial.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved an issue that caused that comments were not saved when containing special characters.
  • Improvement: [API] – API endpoint to update storage and equipment metadata improved.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor improvements and fixes.

Version: 2.15.1

  • Fix: [ELN] – Fixed issue with duplicate label in copy study button.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Set parent sample was silently failing in advanced search.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – User filter dropdown in sample list was not functioning correctly in some cases.
  • Fix: [API] – Get Experiments call was yielding an error in case of an empty chemical section.
  • Fix: [API] – Fixed issue with retrieval of equipment logs.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Fixed issue experiment browser not displaying experiment with multiple chemical sections.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Removed possibility to permanently delete storage unit with samples (GxP).
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Updated text and video link for “New to eLabInventory” alert.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Study link in experiment list was not clickable.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved issue with PDF export of experiment with chemical section.

Version: 2.15.0

  • Improvement: [ELN] – Support for signing experiments for systems using SAML authentication.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Added the option to export samples from the Sample Archive.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Extended the sample log with the user first name and user ID.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Inventory search was visually improved and now displays more search results.
  • Improvement: [API] – Added a new API call to retrieve the experiment template ID.
  • Fix: [ELN] – The pending witness signature message was duplicated when navigating between experiments in certain cases.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved a log display issue of the experiment log when first opening a experiment section log.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – The Sample Parent field was not listed in field list when using the Sample Batch update add-on for a sample series.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved an issue in the field name validation when updating a Sample Type field.
  • Fix: [Project Group] – Solved an issue that caused that all studies in a project group were visible for all users.
  • Fix: [Group] – Added a check to remove project groups before deleting a group.
  • Fix: [Group] – Removed the option to create public groups.
  • Fix: [Add-on] – Various improvements to improve performance and reliability of the Office Online Server add-on.
  • Fix: [Supplies] – Solved an HTLM encoding issue of line breaks in the comments section of the product catalog.
  • Fix: [System] – Generating a license report for organisations was not working in case the organisation name had a quote in the name.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor fixes and improvements.

Version: 2.14.3

  • Fix: [Inventory] – Fixed issue with checkbox not selecting all fields in sample series bulk edit.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Fixed issue were save button was not triggered if parantheses were present in sample field.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved issue were setting location of sample did not update the inventory browser.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Resolved issue were name of experiment was not set correctly upon copying experiment.

Version: 2.14.0

  • Feature: [Marketplace] – Free trials for add-ons can now be started directly from the Marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Icons for Storage Units and Equipment have been updated according to our new style guide.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – The option to set a custom background and text color for Sample Types has been added.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Improved the display saved search queries in the Search Lists.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Added support the .geneious file extension validation in file attachment fields for samples.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Added a check to enforce the creation of unique field names in Sample Types.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved handling for license expiry for add-ons.
  • Improvement: [System] – Software maintenance plan expiry is now highlighted for with an on-premises installation with a perpetual license.
  • Improvement: [API] – Added API calls to retrieve and search the product catalogue.
  • Improvement: [API] – Created an API call to upload a validation report for Storage Units.
  • Fix: [ELN] – The pending witness signature message was duplicated when navigating between experiments in certain cases.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Numeric field validation for a value range displayed an incorrect error message.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Fixed an issue that caused that quotes in names were duplicated when copying a storage unit.
  • Fix: [File Storage] – Minor fixes to correct the display of long file names in the File Storage.
  • Fix: [Add-on] – Solved date display issue in the Elemental Machines add-on.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor fixes and improvements.

Version: 2.13.0

  • Feature: [Marketplace] – Support for configuration of OAuth 2.0 authentication for add-ons connecting to third party services.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – A sample link in a procedure can now be cleared when restarting the procedure.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – The sample location is now included in the sample log when creating a new sample.
  • Improvement: [File Storage] – Several improvements in the File Storage to improve file searching and usability of the File Storage.
  • Improvement: [System] – Systems using AD/LDAP(S) authentication now show AD username as label on the login panel.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Number of samples in a location was incorrectly displayed in the Sample Series information when samples were stored in compartments with the same name.
  • Fix: [Supplies] – Solved an issue causing products to be added twice to the Shopping list in certain cases.
  • Fix: [System Admin] – Fixed issue when updating the user profile with single quote in the name.
  • Fix: [System] – Fixed issue that permission table was not correctly displayed in case a lab had more than 12 user roles defined.
  • Fix: [System] – Various fixes to eliminate cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor improvements.

Version: 2.12.0

  • Improvement: [System] – The user filter has been extended a with quick search to improve usability when selecting a user in the Experiment List, Experiment Browser and Timeline.
  • Improvement: [System] – Expanded script file versioning to reduce issues related to script caching when releasing new version updates.
  • Fix: [Supplies] – Validation to avoid duplicate catalog numbers when editing a product in the catalog has been added.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Links to files in the experiment PDF print were incorrectly included in the generated PDF files.
  • Fix: [System] – Solved issue which caused that ‘remember my computer’ was working correctly for login with 2-step verification in certain cases.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor bug and security fixes.

Version: 2.11.0

  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Sample parent can now also be updated when using the Sample Batch Update add-on.
  • Improvement: [Procedures] – Added mS/cm as new unit for conductivity for protocol variables.
  • Improvement: [API] – Added API endpoint for removing compartments in Storage Units.
  • Improvement: [System] – The option to generate a barcode for the organisation login on the Mobile app is now accessible when setting up two-step verification is enforced.
  • Improvement: [System] – Disabled the editing of files using eLabWebEdit for executable file extensions in the ELN file section to improve security.
  • Improvement: [System] – Various minor improvements in the usability and user interface.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved issue that blocked the selection samples when then the same samples were added in the ELN in more than 1 sample section in the same experiment.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Notifications could not be sent when tagging collaborators in experiment comments.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Sorting issue when linking external barcodes to samples in sample series.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Sample Parent was not displayed when editing a sample with an archived sample parent.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Default sample quantity was not set when creating new samples in certain cases.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Print compartment now works correctly for compartments to which samples are added from top to down.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Sample quantity is now also added to the sample log when cloning a sample.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Performance improvement when creating samples series from existing samples repetitively.
  • Fix: [File Storage] – Files with a single quote in the file name are now correctly uploaded in the File Storage.
  • Fix: [System] – Login after session expiry using the login dialog did not work in certain cases.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor bug and security fixes.

Version: 2.10.0

  • Feature: [System Admin] – The user profile name and time zone can now be updated by the system administrator.
  • Improvement: [System] – Documentation has been updated to version 3.4 and now contains links to our new tutorial video’s
  • Improvement: [Equipment] – The position of sample in a compartment is now displayed when editing a sample using the Sample Batch Update add-on.
  • Improvement: [Permissions] – The group name is now displayed in the title when updating permission settings.
  • Fix: [ELN] – File preview for MS office files was not displayed in experiments created from an experiment template shared within the organization.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Samples are now sorted correctly in a sample series when linking an external barcode.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – The name of a storage unit or compartment with special characters is now displayed correctly.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – The order of add-ons versions in the marketplace is now listed in the correct order.
  • Fix: [System] – SAML logout request was incorrectly handled in certain cases.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor improvements in the user interface.Fix: [System] – Various fixes to eliminate cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

Version: 2.9.0

  • Improvement: [ELN] – Images added in an ELN protocol section can be edited.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – The option to validate and change the device status is now also supported for Storage Units.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – The quantity unit can now be changed when cloning a sample.
  • Improvement: [Procedures] – Improved the image resolution of the group logo in file exports.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – System admin Sample Import can handle the import of linking of multiple files in one sample specification field.
  • Improvement: [API] – Extended the API with calls to create experiments from experiment templates.
  • Improvement: [API] – Added API calls to create and update Projects and Studies.
  • Improvement: [API] – Introduced a check for certain API endpoints in case those endpoints require the installation of an add-on.
  • Improvement: [API] – Added API endpoint to check the eLabNext software product version of the system.
  • Improvement: [System] – Various minor improvements in the user interface.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Drawing sections can no longer be removed when editing the section.
  • Fix: [System] – Product Catalog imports that include a supplier with a quote in the name are now imported correctly.
  • Fix: [Add-on] – The OOS add-on is now compatible with the use of S3 storage.
  • Fix: [Add-on] – Various fixes to eliminate cross site scripting vulnerabilities.

Version: 2.8.5

  • Fix: [System] – Removed dependency to load system currencies from the application server to avoid issues when adding samples.
  • Fix: [System] – Solved issue that the currency symbol was not correctly displayed in the Product Catalog list.

Version: 2.8.4

  • Fix: [ELN] – Reverted V2.7 and later updates to the ELN text section.
  • Fix: [API] – PATCH call samplemeta now fully supports file manager links
  • Fix: [API] – GET call sample log didn’t returns results with ‘update’ log entries

Version: 2.8.3

  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Support for adding a system compatibility check prior to installing an add-on from the Marketplace.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Empty cells in tables pasted from Word could not be selected in an ELN text section.
  • Fix: [API] – The storage location was not updated correctly when moving a compartment to a different storage location.

Version: 2.8.2

  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Samples in a Sample Series are now sorted as selected in the Sample List when using the Sample Batch Update add-on.
  • Improvement: [System] – Documentation has been updated to version 3.3.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved an issue that blocked selecting experiments listed over multiple pages when using the Sign Study function.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Removed paging on requested witness signatures list on the dashboard as this was not functional.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Images added to text section in Experiment Templates were not displayed for other users.
  • Fix: [ELN] – The preview a file added to the Excel section in an Experiment Templates was not displayed for other users.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Saving a text section in the ELN was not working after adding an image caption or when adding a sample to a sample section.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved a minor issue where a compartment position was displayed for samples in a Sample Series that are located in a gridless compartment.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Setting the sample parent was not working correctly when setting this for multiple samples at once with the Set Parent add-on.
  • Fix: [Procedures] – Images included in word files were not correctly imported in protocols when using the Import from Word option.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor fixes and improvements.

Version: 2.8.1

  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Cloning of a sample or sample series across multiple locations is now supported.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Advanced Sample Search supports searching based on its use or creation in a project, study, or experiment.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Section footer was not displayed in the ELN Timeline.

Version: 2.8.0

  • Improvement: [ELN] – Comments can now be edited and deleted by all collaborators in the ELN.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – Increased the name length and added a tooltip to display the full file name in the ELN file section in case of long file names.
  • Improvement: [Equipment] – Added a notification when validation files for Equipment exceeds the allowed maximum file size of 256Mb.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – Set the complete status of an experiment function now first asks for confirmation.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Cloning of a sample or sample series across multiple locations is now supported.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Advanced Sample Search supports searching based on its use or creation in a project, study, or experiment.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Printing the Sample List using the browser print function is now fully supported.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – The sample expiration date field was visible when editing a sample, also in the case this field was disabled.
  • Fix: [Procedures] – Public procedures could not be accessed in certain cases in Private Cloud or On-Premises installations.
  • Fix: [Equipment] – Compartment reservations could not be edited in certain cases.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor fixes and improvements.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Section footer was not displayed in the ELN Timeline.

Version: 2.7.0

  • Feature: [Marketplace] – Support for hosting of paid add-ons in the Marketplace.
  • Feature: [Marketplace] – ELN export now supports JSON and XML format.
  • Improvement: [Add-on] – Setting the sample parent is now supported in the Barcode Automation add-on.
  • Improvement: [SDK] – New SDK calls to support actions in the Storage Unit view.
  • Improvement: [API] – New API call to retrieve files from the File Storage.
  • Improvement: [Project Groups] – Project groups are now listed alphabetically.
  • Improvement: [System] – Changed the sorting order in the groups dropdown list to alphabetical.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – Added tooltip to display the full project group, project, study name in the tree view of the experiment browser.
  • Fix: [Dashboard] – Files uploaded to the Dashboard are sorted on date again where the latest uploaded file is listed first.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – A duplicate dialog was triggered in the Sample Batch Update function.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved issue that caused that sorting of samples in the Search List results was not working.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – The sample expiration date was not displayed the table view of the Sample Archive.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Experiments could not be witness signed when the assigned witness is also the creator.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Changes in the border size property in ELN text sections no longer worked.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Several fixes when creating or editing DYMO label templates.
  • Fix: [Study] – A single quote is no longer duplicated When adding or editing the study name.
  • Fix: [Study] – Various minor fixes and improvements.


Version: 2.6.0

  • Feature: [System Admin] – Equipment can be imported by the system administrator.
  • Improvement: [SDK] – Adding bulk actions for samples from the sample actions menu is supported in the SDK.
  • Improvement: [System] – The onboarding wizard for new groups supports installing add-ons.
  • Improvement: [System] – Improved system support page with links to various resources such as API, SDK and downloads.
  • Improvement: [System] – Documentation updated to version 3.2.
  • Improvement: [Protocols] – Added cells/ml and U/ml as new units for protocol variables.
  • Fix: [System] – When accepting an invitation from a group that has 2-step verification active, users will now first be guided to setting up 2-step verification for their own account if not active yet.
  • Fix: [System Admin] – Solved issue when making an add-on available in the marketplace for specific users.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Copying of values for the project ID field in the Sample Batch Import add-on is now working correctly.
  • Fix: [Procedures] – The field width of formula fields in procedures is dynamically adjusted to display the full output.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor fixes, improvements, and styling adjustments.

Version: 2.5.0

  • Feature: [File Storage] – Searching for files in the File Storage is now supported.
  • Improvement: [API] – New API endpoints for the File Storage.
  • Improvement: [API] – New API endpoint to create Projects.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – Witness Sign request is now added to the Experiment log.
  • Fix: [Equipment] – Special characters where not correctly formatted in the generated Equipment export file.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved an Inventory Browser tree scrolling issue when moving a compartment to a different location using drag and drop.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Line breaks in a long text field where not correctly handled when updated in batch with the Sample Batch Update add-on.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – A Sample Type could not archived in certain cases.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor fixes, improvements, and styling adjustments.


Version: 2.4.0

  • Feature: [ELN] – New add-on: External File Link – This add-on allows the linking of files in the ELN File sections to files stored on a local computer or server.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Users can be set to blocked in a group when changing the user role in the system- and organization admin panel.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – The position of the tooltip in the navigation tree displaying the experiment name was improved, to support correct display on small screens and when opening experiment sections.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – The experiment section log now has a scrollbar to enable display of large section change logs.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – Transparent group logos are now displayed with a white background.
  • Fix: [ELN] – The name of the user that last updated the experiment section was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Several fixes in the Pending experiments list on the Dashboard including the sorting and correct listing of the latest experiments.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Numbering or bullets used in ELN text sections were not included in the experiment PDF export.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Sorting in the Experiment Browser on the signature status worked incorrectly.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Sample names with special characters where incorrectly displayed in the Sample Archive.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Labels printed with the & sign in the text box could not be printed.
  • Fix: [Supplies] – Back button in the Product Catalog did not return to the correct page.
  • Fix: [Supplies] – Paging did not work correctly in the Product Catalog.
  • Fix: [System] – Various minor fixes and improvements.


Version: 2.3.1

  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved issue preventing logging of sample meta information in some cases.


Version: 2.3.0

  • Feature: [System Admin] – System administrator can set a member in a project group as project group administrator.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – System admin can now also create a new user account without adding this user to a group.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – Improved styling in the ELN to see more difference between a comment section and a regular text section.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Resolved issue in the autocompletion of a user or group when making an add-on only available of a specific user or group.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Resolved issue by preventing to the uploading of more than 5 images for an add-on.
  • Fix: [File Storage] – Improved sorting of folders in the File Storage.
  • Fix: [Equipment] – Button to display the validation history for equipment was not displayed.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Updating a sample link field when restarting procedure did not close the dialog correctly.
  • Fix: [Project Group] – Removing a user from a project group did not work when clicking the remove icon.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Sample series with more digits than 2 could not be created correctly.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Reintroduced sorting in advanced search results table view.
  • Fix: [System Admin] – Deletion of a group license did not work correctly.
  • Fix: [API] – Various fixes in API.

Version: 2.2.3

  • Improvement: [System] – Support link in the V2.0 welcome notice refers to support page for Private Cloud and On-Premises installations.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Changing the scope to system add-on for certains add-ons was not working correctly.
  • Fix: [System] – Various security patches in the API and applications.

Version: 2.2.2

  • Fix: [ELN] – Back button in ELN did not function correctly.


Version: 2.2.1

  • Fix: [Procedures] – Paging in the table listing procedures was not working correctly.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Solved issue that blocked the addition and editing of tables in ELN text sections.


Version: 2.2.0

  • Feature: [ELN] – Reintroduced tagging of collaborators in experiment comments.
  • Improvement: [System] – Corrected the display and improved performance for the paging element for tables of experiments, samples, procedures, projects, studies, and product catalog.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – The action to remove a user from as group now includes a check if the group still has an administrator.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Archived samples now display the sample expiration date.
  • Improvement: [Equipment] – Improved the styling of the equipment PDF export.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – The sample field information tooltip no longer falls off on small screens.
  • Improvement: [ELN] – Sections without comments now show a notice message in the comment history of signed experiments.
  • Improvement: [Add-on] – The sorting of samples in the Sample Batch Update add-on has been improved.
  • Improvement: [System] – Harmonized the move icon for Experiment, Procedures and Sample type sections.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Performance improvement to list the add-on configuration in the Marketplace.
  • Improvement: [System] – Various minor improvements in the user interface.
  • Fix: [Equipment] – Updating equipment reservation for a different user was incorrectly saved.
  • Fix: [Equipment] – Updating the description for an equipment reservation was not stored correctly in Firefox.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Restoring samples from the archive now also recovers the sample expiration date.
  • Fix: [Procedures] – Improved the position of dialog when editing variable fields procedures.
  • Fix: [Supplies] – Order status in bulk now works as expected.
  • Fix: [Projects] – Fixed the filtering for active and inactive projects in the project list.
  • Fix: [File Storage] – Renaming a folder was not working correctly in certain cases.


Version: 2.1.0

  • Feature: [System] – Group logo is now included in the header of PDF exports of samples, experiments and procedures.
  • Feature: [Marketplace] – System admin can install a specific add-on version for all users or groups.
  • Improvement: [System] – Various improvements in the new user interface.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Experiment template section order was incorrectly set when moving a section to the location where a section was just deleted.
  • Fix: [System] – Generating API token when AD is active is now working correctly again.

Version 2 – New user interface for eLabJournal, eLabInventory and eLabProtocols

In this version, we introduced a brand-new user interface for all our software products, including eLabJournal, eLabInventory, and eLabProtocols. Besides a great new look and feel, we added several dozens of minor improvements to enhance the usability, as as a new, condensed header yet more functional header, a responsive interface, and more seamless integration of the Marketplace.

Version: 1.96

  • Tagging collaborators

Collaborating on an experiment and want to notify a colleague? This release adds a great new feature to eLabJournal, which allows you to tag collaborators in a comment. Start your comment, or use @ in a comment to select and mention one of your colleagues in this experiment.



Your colleague automatically receives a notification in their account and mobile app.


  • Improvement: [ELN] – Experiment Browser now supports searching by ID of an Experiment or Study.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Sample Batch Import and Edit add-ons support importing and updating of quantity.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Sample Batch Import supports setting the sample parent based on sample ID when pasted from Excel.
  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Support printing sample quantity and expiration date with the ZPL printing add-on.
  • Improvement: [Supplies] – Support for all currencies in the product catalog.
  • Fix: [ELN] – Restarting a procedure now loads the correct default values when the same procedure is used twice in the same experiment.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Opening links to samples of archived samples now supported.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Solved issue that caused the Sample Batch import button to not be displayed intermittently.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Compartment numbering was incorrect in certain cases when adding multiple compartments.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Sample Parent can now also be set for samples without location.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Log date for Samples is now displayed according to the user date and time setting.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Log date for Equipment log is now displayed according to the user time zone setting.
  • Fix: [File Storage] – Date displayed in the File Storage is now displayed according to the user date and time setting.
  • Fix: [Procedures] – Creating a draft procedure of group shared procedure now correctly checks if a draft version already exists.
  • Fix: [Project Groups] – Added check to avoid sending invites to the same user in a Project Group multiple times.
  • Fix: [System Admin] – Several fixes for managing add-ons including searching and paging.
  • Fix: [System Admin] – Reloading metadata in the SAML SSO no longer affects the setting to allow the creation of accounts for new users.
  • Fix: [System] – Quotes in the email address are now properly handled.
  • Fix: [SDK] – Add-on custom feature buttons are no longer displayed multiple times in certain cases.

Version: 1.95

Marketplace extends eLabJournal with free add-ons

Modern electronic lab notebook systems, like eLabJournal, must be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. Given the great diversity in life science research, including all workflows and software applications used, the number of features in eLabJournal would grow exponentially to support the workflows of all labs in the best possible way. As a result, the software will become less intuitive and less user-friendly.

To avoid becoming a complex electronic lab notebook system, and at the same time, provide more flexibility to tailor the functionality of the ELN to the needs of every lab, eLabJournal now includes a Marketplace. The eLab Marketplace is a digital catalog with a collection of software add-ons that extend the functionality of eLabJournal that has been launched in this version.



  • Feature: [System Admin] – New system setting to enforce approval of add-ons prior to installation for add-ons that have been fetched from public repositories.
  • Feature: [System Admin] – New system setting to set automatic retrieval of new and add-on updates from public add-on repositories.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Improved flow for editing add-ons installed in the system.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Add-on assets and installation scope are now automatically set when manually installing an add-on update in the system.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Add-on versions are now grouped in the list system installed add-ons.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – The “Apps and Connections” of DYMO, ZPL, and Mendeley have been migrated to the marketplace as user add-ons.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Add-ons now display a product compatibiltiy labels for eLabInventory and eLabJournal.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Various visual improvements when loading and installing add-ons in the marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved display of add-ons with eLabConnect support and when the add-on configuration has been set.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved display of the private add-on and changed logic to only display this for add-ons to which access is restricted.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Added notice and check when deleting add-ons as a system admin.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Various minor improvements in the marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved add-on configuration dialog to visualize complex configurations correctly.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Fix display / styling issues of the add-on configuration in certain cases.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Various minor fixes in the marketplace.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Fixed issue that prevented the correct upgrading of the add-on in certain cases.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Improved notice when a user does not have permission to uninstall add-ons.
  • Fix: [Permissions] – Add-on permissions were not displayed in eLabInventory and eLabProtocols.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Linked samples are now correctly displayed when included in the custom table view for a sample series.


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