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Elemental Machines Now Available in Europe

eLabJournal and eLabInventory users in Europe may now install and utilize the Elemental Machines sensors. This was previously only available to USA users.

How do the Elemental Machines sensors work?

The wireless Element T temperature sensors can be applied to every freezer, refrigerator, or general lab environment itself. The inventory module in eLabJournal or eLabInventory will automatically collect the complete temperature history of the chosen inventory spaces.

Whether your samples require room temperature storage, standard refrigeration, or freezing at low, ultralow, or cryogenic temperatures, Element T sensors will instantly alert you of any off-specified conditions via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular network connection.

Apart from temperature readings, Element A and Element T sensors provide other environmental information that may be pertinent to experiments but are not often monitored. For example: humidity, light, and pressure.

Why is this important?

An accurate and complete history of your laboratory storage space allows researchers to improve repeatability of life science experiments. Researchers may ensure biological samples are preserved so that the quality and viability of biological reagents and therapeutics are maintained.

The Elemental Machines add-on is free to install from eLab Marketplace

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