eLabNext & Clustermarket’s dynamic partnership improves workflows for R&D labs

Clustermarket’s Equipment Scheduler

eLabNext digital lab platforms may now connect with Clustermarket’s lab equipment management system. With this partnership, users are able to further optimize their laboratory workflows.

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Accelerate research with innovative lab tools

Technology is constantly evolving and changing our lives–this is no different for R&D laboratories. The changes brought about by innovative technologies have accelerated both the way research is conducted as well as the speed at which discoveries are made. As the number of R&D increases; however, so do other aspects of the laboratory such as manual administrative and reporting activities. This can be burdensome for researchers. Luckily, the growing availability of advanced lab technology and automation tools can help significantly reduce workloads and boost productivity. For example, removing any paper-based processes allows researchers to collect and save data more securely, collaborate on projects more efficiently, and speed up the production of scientific breakthroughs.

While the availability of lab tools is increasing, many labs are still struggling to enter any sort of adoption phase. In some instances, laboratories have difficulty deciding on which tool to adopt. Some labs end up using several systems for different aspects of their workflow which can lead to a series of decentralized data. While eliminating manual administrative work might sound like a dream, using multiple digital tools often requires managing mixed digital and non-digital processes which decrease the operational efficiency in a lab. This is where digital connectivity comes into play–to achieve a fully digital and optimized lab environment, all processes, people, and systems need to easily connect to allow data harmonisation.

A Centralised Platform

We have partnered with Clustermarket–a leading digital lab solution provider for equipment management–to take a leap towards the digitally connected lab and provide more seamless movement between our offered systems for R&D laboratories. Users may now synchronize their booking information, book equipment directly on their eLabNext account, and import usage information to their equipment notes automatically.

A Free Add-on Available Today

Optimize operations and accelerate research results with the world-leading management system seamlessly integrated with your eLabJournal or eLabInventory. The Clustermarket’s Equipment Scheduler add-on, developed in partnership with Clustermarket, is now available free of charge in the eLabNext Marketplace. If you do not yet have an account with eLabNext, sign up for a free 30-day trial to explore the platform features.

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Download Clustermarket Press Release Document

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