Zebra ZPL Label Printer

Print labels from your ELN
with a Zebra ZPL label printer

ZPL label printer

Connect a ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) compatible printer to your ELN and print labels for samples, sample series, and equipment. Zebra Label Printers offer a wide range of label types that are suitable for all kinds of applications, including cryo- and chemical- resistance.

You may upload ZPL label templates into eLabJournal and eLabInventory for easy access. Although the option to design ZPL label templates is possible with eLabNext software, we highly recommend you contact your label vendor to provide you with a correctly formatted template according to your specifications.

Alternatively, you may use the free online ZPL label configurator Labelary to generate the ZPL label template.

How to get started:

Step 1) Set up the Zebra ZPL Label Printer. Install eLabPrint to allow communication between your browser and printer.

Step 2) Install the ZPL Printer add-on and activate the printer connection in the account settings.

Read the installation instructions for more information. 

Supported Zebra Printers

  • ZD620t
  • GT800
  • GK420

Connecting other ZPL label printers

There are other label printers on the market, such as Brady, that work with ZPL label printers. Although these printers are not formally supported, printing labels should work.

Contact your printer vendor for more information about the compatibility of your printer.


Please note: Zebra’s printer drivers are compatible with Windows operating systems; devices running MacOS may require additional configuration.

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