Print barcodes with the DYMO LabelWriter

Integrate a DYMO LabelWriter© printer and start printing labels for lab samples, sample series, and equipment

Scan labels with the eLabNext Mobile App or other scanning device. Setting up and integrating the DYMO LabelWriter© is easy and free with an existing eLab license plan. Purchase a supported printer model from your local office supplier.

Install the printer according to the installation instructions.

Supported printers

There are several vendors that offer cryo- and chemical-resistant labels, that are suitable for the DYMO LabelWriter©. We currently support the DYMO compatible label of LabTag and Diversified Biotech. Please contact the label vendor for more information about the recommended use of the labels.

If the DYMO model is not a suitable solution for your lab, you may choose to print labels with a Zebra© ZPL Printer.

  • DYMO LabelWriter© 450
  • DYMO LabelWriter© 450 Turbo

Supported labels

Prior to purchasing labels, it is important to note that there are different models of the DYMO LabelWriter© for the United States and Europe. Certain labels are only compatible with the EU model while others only work with the US model. Please confirm with the label vendor that the purchased labels are compatible with the label model.

DYMO Labels

  • DYMO 11354
  • DYMO 11355
  • DYMO 99010
  • DYMO 99012
  • DYMO 99014
  • DYMO 99017
  • DYMO S0929120

LabTag Labels

  • #EF1F-010
  • #EF1F-020
  • #EF1F-030
  • #EF1F-040
  • #EF1F-050
  • #ED1F-060
  • #EF1F-070
  • #ED1F-071
  • #EF1F-072
  • #EF1F-073
  • #EF1F-075
  • #EF1F-076
  • #ED1F-079
  • #ED1F-080
  • #ED1F-081

Diversified Biotech Labels

  • DTCR-1000
  • DTCR-2000
  • DTCR-3000
  • DTCR-4000
  • DTCR-4500
  • DTCR-5000
  • DTCR-7000
  • GRDT-1000
  • GRDT-2000
  • GRDT-3000
  • GRDT-4000
  • GRDT-5000
  • GRDT-6000
  • RVTH-1000
  • RVTH-2000
  • RVTH-3000
  • RVTH-4000

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