Printing Barcodes with the DYMO LabelWriter©

In eLabJournal you can print barcode labels with a DYMO LabelWriter©. Install DYMO Label™ software and activate the printer connection for your account. Print labels for samples, sample series, and equipment and use the Mobile App or a barcode scanner for identification.

Setting up the DYMO LabelWriter© is easy and without additional costs in the existing license plan. You can purchase one of the supported DYMO LabelWriter© models from your local office supplier and install the printer according to the installation instructions.

DYMO LabelWriter


There are several vendors that offer cryo- and chemical-resistant labels, that are suitable for the DYMO LabelWriter©. We currently support the DYMO compatible label of LabTag and Diversified Biotech. Please contact the label vendor for more information about the recommended use of the labels. If the DYMO LabelWriter© does not provide a suitable label printing solution, you can also print labels with a Zebra© ZPL Printer

Prior to purchasing labels, it is important to notice that there are different models of the DYMO LabelWriter© for the United States and Europe. Certain labels are only compatible with the EU DYMO LabelWriter© model while others only work with US DYMO LabelWriter©. Please confirm with the label vendor that the purchased labels are compatible with the label model.

Supported Printers

  • DYMO LabelWriter© 450
  • DYMO LabelWriter© 450 Turbo
  • DYMO LabelWriter© 450 Duo

Supported Labels

DYMO Labels

  • DYMO 11354
  • DYMO 11355
  • DYMO 99010
  • DYMO 99012
  • DYMO 99014
  • DYMO 99017
  • DYMO S0929120

LabTag Labels

  • #EF1F-010
  • #EF1F-020
  • #EF1F-030
  • #EF1F-040
  • #EF1F-050
  • #ED1F-060
  • #EF1F-070
  • #ED1F-071
  • #EF1F-072
  • #EF1F-073
  • #EF1F-075
  • #EF1F-076
  • #ED1F-079
  • #ED1F-080
  • #ED1F-081

Diversified Biotech Labels

  • DTCR-1000
  • DTCR-2000
  • DTCR-3000
  • DTCR-4000
  • DTCR-4500
  • DTCR-5000
  • DTCR-7000
  • GRDT-1000
  • GRDT-2000
  • GRDT-3000
  • GRDT-4000
  • GRDT-5000
  • GRDT-6000
  • RVTH-1000
  • RVTH-2000
  • RVTH-3000
  • RVTH-4000

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