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eLabNext supports several customization possibilities for customers, developers, and third-party vendors. Extend or add functionality with the eLabAPI, the eLabSDK, and eLabConnect. Gain full control of the Core functionality to customize eLabNext products according to the specific requirements of any lab.

eLabConnect – communicate data with lab devices

For manufactures of devices and middleware developers: eLabNext supports real-time communication with laboratory equipment, using a subscription-based protocol, that is widely used in the Internet of Things (IoT) projects. This allows scientific data to be integrated with eLabNext products right from its source, while a full audit-trail is being maintained. The communication is bi-directional, enabling the option to have equipment be programmed directly from eLabNext products during the course of the experiment.

eLabSDK – developing custom Apps

With the eLab SDK, you can develop apps to extend the functionality or introduce custom options. With the eLabSDK, you can create an App in JavaScript and utilize the API, to customize eLabNext products according to the needs of any lab.

eLabAPI – connecting with external software components

The API allows you to read/write data to the eLab platform from third party applications or by using your own custom written scripts. This allows you to automate certain data-manipulations or to integrate with other information management systems.

Multi-Tenant Architecture with Dedicated System Roles

eLabNext has a flexible, so-called Multi-tenant architecture to support use by multiple customers (tenants). The tenants can be different business divisions, departments, or research groups within the same organisation, but also from different organisations.

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