eLabJournal enables extensive data management of large volumes of time-stamped patient data for MOL


Learn how Pitt Lab from the University of Pittsburgh manages large volumes of time-stamped patient data with eLabJournal

2 min read 18 Feb 2021

eLabInventory assures quality for Utrecht University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Learn how Utrecht University gets complete insight and control of used cell lines, plasmids, and a full sample history with eLabInventory

1 min read 18 Feb 2021

Wageningen University


Learn how Wageningen University improves workflow and communication amongst colleagues with eLabJournal

1 min read 18 Feb 2021

Xsphera Biosciences


Learn how eLabJournal enables a fully integrated digital environment for Boston biotech startup, Xsphera Biosciences

03:28 18 Dec 2020



Listen to this podcast episode with GENcast from Wageningen University, “Navigating Your Lab through a Digital Transformation”

1 min read 20 Mar 2020

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