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  • Access your data from anywhere:

Even more important during the pandemic than ever, accessing data either from your laptop or mobile device, allows you to not be limited by the physical journals, or de-centralized data dumps (i.e Google Drive, Local Drive, DropBox, etc).

  • Improve your efficiency:

Streamline your lab workflow, from Sample and Equipment Management, Ordering Supplies, all the way to managing protocols and SOPs in a centralized, and comprehensive reporting interface.

  • One solution to all your lab needs:

eLabJournal is a fully integrated solution for managing your data, with interconnected modules, and the opportunity to grow into the system as your Lab/Company grows along with it, in a sustainable manner.

  • Receive support from fellow scientists:

eLabJournal is as intuitive as possible. Still, you may have some workflow optimization questions. Contact our eLabNext Team! Our Key Account Managers all have a background in life science research, and will happily work with you to find the right solution for your lab!

  • Build effective teams:

Collaborate and share data with your colleagues in the same lab, other departments, or even other organizations with a broad range of functionalities.

  • Be fully compliant:

With eLabJournal your lab is able to comply with regulatory guidelines of ISO and work in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). Experiments can be signed and counter-signed with electronic signatures to be locked for further modification in accordance with the FDA 21 CFR part 11 guidelines.

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