iGEM Rotterdam 2019

[March 2021]

iGEM Rotterdam 2019 centralises documentation with eLabJournal

The iGEM team (2019) of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences developed a universal assay to detect certain disease targets in new and unique ways.

The Health Risk Detection Kit (HRD Kit) was intended to enable consumers to detect a risk of illness at home. The HRD Kit is expected to provide fast and definitive results–enabling consumers to make better medical decisions. They considered the use of several possible technologies, including aptamers, zinc fingers, split TEV protease, and the enzyme β-lactamase.

Challenge – Access to centralised data

Solution – Increased efficiency

Result –  Compliance with iGEM competition documentation requirements


In my experience, eLabJournal has been a great help in organizing our data and products. This software is very user-friendly and very professional to use both for students and researchers.


Anass Fendrhoussi, Medical laboratory researcher

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