Hair Diagnostix

[March 2021]

eLabJournal provides a reliable and secure solution for managing workflows and digital lab data for Hair Diagnostix

Dutch Screening Group (DSG) is a medical technology company in Maastricht, The Netherlands, with its division, Hair Diagnostix (HDX). HDX uses mass spectrometry to detect and measure the presence of chemicals in hair. This process is done by examining minute cross-sections that form time series at resolutions as small as single days, and for overall periods as long as several months.

Individual patient data may be used to diagnose illness and exposure to toxic chemicals, monitor nutrition, or screen for drug use or doping. The data may also be aggregated into larger datasets to monitor cross-population characteristics and trends. The technology examines only the core of the hair, which is not affect by external contamination, and works with human or animal hairs.

Challenge – To establish secure, reliable processes and procedures for tracking samples and lab work

Solution – eLabJournal meets all of Hair Diagnostix’s scientific and business needs

Result – Hair Diagnostix workflows are now more reliable, secure, and thoroughly documented


eLabJournal helped facilitate the communication between departments by providing on-the-go access to both our experimental and sample information. This prevented data losses, both due to the risk of losing the physical copies of lab journals and losing information ‘in translation’. Thanks to this system, we were also able to safely pseudonymise our samples and keep close track of where they were in the process, making it transparent to anyone not only within the company, but to our external partners as well while keeping access restrictions up to date even per user.


Sara Mandić, Lab Engineer

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