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(New) Export Format Options

1 min read 13 Oct 2021

Exporting data from your ELN is a critical functionality. With the V2.7 release, eLabNext now enables all users to export their files in advanced open formats, JSON and XML. Previously, only PDF and HTML were available.

Export any study, project, experiment, or sample file from your ELN.

How to select an export format:

1. Begin by navigating to ‘ELN Export’ from File Storage in eLabJournal. Then click Select Items.


2. Search for the file you would like to export, then click Export.


3. Next, click “Export” and choose a format option.


4. The generated export file will now be added to the ELN Export Files list where you can download, remove, or view the export file information.*

*Please note that generated export files will be automatically removed from the system within 48 hours after the file has been created.


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