Introducing Elementa: The voice assistant designed for scientists

3 min read 20 Feb 2023

Elementa is your voice assistant in the lab, specifically designed for scientists by scientists. It essentially functions as your companion, providing an easy way to access information and record data while working in the lab, freeing up your hands and allowing you to focus on your experiment.

Elementa Press Release Document

The digitisation of scientific laboratories is ongoing and often challenging. One hurdle scientists face is staying connected with their electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) from the bench. With multiple experiments to perform and data to record, multitasking can lead to wasted time and valuable research information being lost. However, the emergence of voice assistant technology developed by Elementa Labs for scientists offers a solution. The Elementa voice assistant allows for the hands-free recording of notes and data directly into the eLabNext platform, streamlining the research process and aiding in the complete digitisation of labs. By simplifying daily tasks and eliminating manual note-taking, scientists can focus on their experiments and make the most out of their time in the lab. This technology revolutionises traditional methods, leading to more efficient and accurate scientific research.

Inefficiencies that lead to wasted resources and slow down lab digitisation

Working closely with research labs in academia and industry, we gained insight into the hidden inefficiencies that lead to wasted resources and slow digitisation. Scientists often feel frustrated by their inability to easily access or transfer data, particularly from paper notes to electronic lab notebooks (ELNs). These small obstacles can add up, hindering overall productivity in the lab. Our collaboration with research labs allowed us to identify and quantify these inefficient processes, ultimately leading to the development of the Elementa voice assistant. For example, addressing disconnected access to electronic lab notebooks and streamlining data transfer from paper notes can save significant amounts of time and improve data quality. In fact, our efforts have increased productivity by 40%, saved researchers up to 30% of the time, and reduced reproducibility issues by 70%.

I believe that this is a very interesting time for the scientific research field, moving towards lab digitization. It is very exciting to work together with partners like eLabNext to accelerate this transformation process.

Ahmed Khalil, Founder & CEO at Elementa Labs

A fruitful partnership

At Elementa Labs, we carefully select our partners to ensure that we all work towards the same goals and values. That’s why we chose to align with eLabNext – their mission to digitise scientific laboratories aligns perfectly with ours. Not only that but their products and services make it easy for us to integrate our voice technology solution into labs. And we were thrilled by the enthusiasm and support of the eLabNext team during our partnership explorations – all signs pointing to a successful collaboration. We are excited to see what the future holds for our partnership with eLabNext.

At eLabNext, our mission is to revolutionise life sciences research by building an expansive marketplace of customisable digital lab tools. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Elementa Labs, a company dedicated to creating groundbreaking voice assistant technology designed specifically for scientists. By integrating this technology into our platform, we can offer even more options for researchers to streamline their workflows and make thier day-to-day lab tasks easier than ever before. We’re excited about the potential this partnership brings and can’t wait to see how researchers take advantage of this innovative new tool in their labs.

Lara Matthews, Business Development Manager at eLabNext

About Elementa Labs

Elementa is a highly specialized voice assistant for scientific labs. Elementa can integrate seamlessly with existing databases, systems and machines in the lab, making them smarter by creating voice-enabled labs. Accordingly, scientists can collect data accurately, automate experimental workflows and stay connected to their databases from the lab just by the power of their voice.

We are a team of scientists who know the struggles, challenges and costs of bringing drug therapeutics to the market. Our mission is to shift scientific research towards a more data-driven era. We accelerate early-stage drug discovery research into a more efficient, economic, and sustainable process. Simply, solving the small day-to-day challenges in the lab collectively contributes to the tremendous waste of lab resources. Ultimately, we aim to transform scientific research labs into more data-centric and data-driven.

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