New AI-powered add-on for T-cell therapy candidate detection—in collaboration with ImmunoMind

1 min read 28 Mar 2022

eLabNext launches a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered add-on developed by ImmunoMind. This collaboration allows eLabNext users to leverage their existing data as input in the ImmunoMind platform. This data helps guide users through translational and clinical research to help better understand T-cell therapies using computation immunology and AI technologies which enhances the reports from eLabJournal with the results from multi-omics driven drug development and manufacturing.

ImmunoMind is a moonshot startup—graduated from UC Berkeley SkyDeck—that helps companies and medical centres select safer and more effective CAR-T and other Cell Therapies. By using proprietary multi-omics and AI technologies, their platform allows early and comprehensive assessment of potential candidates.

How it works

The ImmunoMind add-on precisely identifies both cell subpopulations (e.g. Tscm, Tcm, Tem, Treg, NK, gdT cells) and their characteristics (e.g. exhaustion, senescence, activation) to create a comprehensive profile of CAR-T and other Cell Therapy products. The profile can help select the most effective design and dosage for CAR-T, improve QC and SOP to select T-cell subsets (such as Tscm and T-cell precursors), assess exhaustion and persistence of CAR-T cells in vitro and in vivo, and more. The platform supports Go/No-Go decision-making and reduces the risk of immunotherapy development and manufacturing.

Collaboration at its best

eLabNext values efficient and secure collaboration within the lab and across departments. We provide digital solutions to align all diverse teams within an organization. With this integration, you will be able to bring forward the synergy between biologists, medical scientists, data scientists and bioinformaticians. We value the resources it takes to follow through with all the stages of drug development and manufacturing—which is precisely why we put our efforts into providing everyone with an automated and streamlined process.

The ImmunoMind add-on is free and available in eLab Marketplace

Install the free ImmunoMind add-on to connect eLabJournal with the ImmunoMind platform for more enriched reporting.

Not yet using eLab? Try the add-on free for 30 days in a free trial. Sign up now!

ImmunoMind Press Release document

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