[March 2021]

EUCODIS Bioscience

Enzyme Experts at EUCODIS Excel with eLabJournal

EUCODIS Bioscience, founded in 2007 in Vienna, Austria, develops and manufactures enzyme products for applications in the pharma, biotech, fine chemicals, food & feed, and cosmetics industries, and manufactures an expanding portfolio for over 50 enzyme products.

In addition, EUCODIS provides contract services for the production of recombinant proteins and enzymes by covering the whole spectrum of bioprocess development up to industrial manufacturing of the target proteins.

Challenge – Raise productivity for breakthrough capacity limits, increase revenue, and grow company value

Solution – No choice but to go digital—and the way to go was eLabJournal

Result – Business improves across the board with eLabJournal


We have benefited a great deal from having all the information in one place, providing the whole team with comprehensive (anytime, anywhere) access to the data. This allows us to keep all the lab personnel informed about ongoing experiments and use the workforce flexibly where it is needed. This makes us more efficient and helps us to compile formal reports about our projects with minimal effort.


Dr. Jan Modregger, MBA, Head of Research & Development, Production

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