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2 min read 02 Mar 2021

Plastomics Inc. tracks projects, experiments, and samples with eLabJournal

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eLabJournal software allows us to document our experiments using the Electronic Lab Notebook module, and associate samples using the Sample Management Module. These tracking capabilities allow us to maintain high QA/QC standards and secure stewardship of customer-associated samples.

Due to the ease of access to eLabJournal’s internet-based software, all team members can access and track relevant information from separate computers, thus avoiding the limit of a single point of access. Lab members can devote more time and effort to performing their experiments.

– Alice Hui, Molecular biologist


Plastomics Inc.

Plastomics Inc. is an agricultural biotechnology company developing a better way to make the next generation of biotech crops using chloroplast engineering.

Nuclear engineering used to make all current biotech crops has become a limiting technology. Crops of the future need dozens of traits to achieve higher yields and feed a growing world population. Chloroplast engineering results in better expression of trait genes improves “stackability” of traits, and reduces development time and costs, resulting in the more rapid introduction of traits to the market and improved profits for seed companies.


To work with trait providers and seed companies to create new biotech crops with enhanced traits.


Easily and accurately manage documentation so lab members can devote more time and effort to performing their experiments

Plastomics utilizes a large pipeline of trait gene DNA and plant samples during its process development efforts. eLabJournal allows us to efficiently and precisely track all samples and experiments. Quality control of our process is critical. Handwritten tracking is onerous, time-consuming, and may result in human error. The eLabJournal Electronic Lab Notebook and Sample Management modules simplify the tracking process and provide significantly enhanced quality assurance to our pipeline.


Reduce tedious manual work by barcoding individual samples

With eLabJournal Sample Management, the barcoding of individual samples allows us to track a large number of samples and experiments virtually and know the current phase of each project without using any additional physical resources. The deciding factor in choosing eLabJournal was the flexibility in the soſtware that allows us to modify sample type input requirements to meet all the needs of our lab.


Maintaining high QA/QC standards and secure stewardship of customer-associated samples

We can rapidly sort through and keep track of all our many projects with minimal effort. We have also enhanced our quality control and
assurance, allowing us to easily and effectively comply with the high standard of stewardship our customers demand. Barcoding individual samples enable precise identification with matching customer data. Now, our QC/QA process is absolutely thorough and consistently accurate.


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