[March 2021]


PhagoMed Advances Phage Therapy with eLabJournal

PhagoMed Biopharma GmbH is an Austrian biotech company focused on the development of human therapeutic applications of phages and phage-derived proteins.

Challenge – How to share ongoing research with new and current employees as the company grows

Solution – eLabJournal makes PhagoMed lab data and information safe, secure, and reliable

Result – PhagoMed focuses on saving lives by defeating drug-resistant bacteria


eLabJournal is the cornerstone of our documentation processes. We use it to document experiments and protocols, manage biological samples, organize our -80 freezer, print labels, and even order consumables—essentially using all of the features it offers. Clean documentation is the basis for reproducible research and progress in commercial R&D.


Lorenzo Corsini, CEO, Research and Development

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