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1 min read 20 Mar 2020

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GENcast is a podcast from Wageningen University that discusses Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. Listen to this episode, “Navigating Your Lab through a Digital Transformation”, to hear an honest and open discussion of how this bioscience lab improved operations by installing eLabJournal.

Katharina Hanika, from the Department of Plant Breeding at Wageningen University, is responsible for the progressive transition to an electronic lab notebook system. Erwin Seinen, Founder and CEO of eLabNext (then Bio-ITech), is a bioscientist and information technology expert.

Together, these individuals discuss the many improvements eLab has brought to research operations at Wageningen. Such as:

  • Better organisation of work
  • Improved data management
  • Easier and more effective collaboration
  • Secure and reliable record-keeping
  • Security of GMO samples
  • Single-source availability to all scientists and technicians
  • Being able to decide on accessibility

Katherina also talks about introducing and training others in their use of the system.

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