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CNC Holding boosts the production of innovative products with eLabJournal

1 min read 26 Feb 2021

What we really like about eLabJournal is the ease at which you will learn to work with it.

Jéno Bongers, MSc Researcher R&D

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CNC Holding

CNC Holding is an international group of companies active in the mushroom sector. The five companies focus on producing and transporting substrates for growing mushrooms. CNC has six locations in the Netherlands and Poland and sells mushroom substrates in 26 countries, mainly in Europe.


Detect and quantify DNA from micro-organisms, which can be (potential) quality parameters for the mushroom substrate production process.


Organize the increasing amount of DNA samples for isolation experiments

I’m involved in project management (internal/external projects), research regarding molecular sciences, enzymatic assays, solid-state fermentation, lab management and the up-scaling/fine-tuning phase of new products and processes. Therefore, communication with various groups is needed and is difficult to maintain.


Samples and experiments are structured and documented in a logical manner

What we really like about eLabJournal is the ease with which you will learn to work with it. Everything is structured and logical. We really appreciate the function of eLabJournal to link DNA samples to isolation experiments and storage information.


Experiments are created and communicated easily with other team members

Working with eLabJournal improved our internal communication and facilitated sharing of the outcomes of experiments very easily and clearly. It also made it possible to monitor the students’ work and recommend timely improvements and adjustments when necessary.

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