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eLabNext Centralises Lab Data and Operations for The Boulant-Stanifer Labs at the University of Florida

3 min read 17 Jun 2024

“I can order things so much more efficiently, track the progression from ordered to received, and put into our lab’s inventory. Additionally, finding previous experiments and protocols has been so much easier; I can even check them from my phone! Editing items is also very easy, and with tips and tricks from eLabNext, I’m constantly finding more efficient ways to accomplish what I need in eLabNext’s platform. Recently, we discovered the Tasks add-on, and it’s been very easy and convenient to use.”

James Ramsden, Lab Manager for Boulant-Stanifer Labs

The Boulant-Stanifer Labs

The Boulant and Stanifer Labs are joint academic research groups at the University of Florida in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. It’s staffed by undergraduates, research scientists, master’s students, PhD students, postdocs, and a lab manager. Between 10 and 15 members work in the lab at any given time. The labs specialise in virology and innate immunity, focusing on epithelial tissue homeostasis and antiviral mechanisms. They use single-cell sequencing, multi-colour fluorescent in-situ hybridisation (FiSH), live-cell microscopy, and organoid models to get a system-wide understanding of host-pathogen interactions. 


Short-term: In the short term, the Boulant-Stanifer Labs is focused on optimising protocols, implementing new software analysis pipelines, and improving experimental data, inventory, and lab safety management. 

Long-term: Boulant-Stanifer Labs aspires to expand its resources, develop novel therapeutics, and influence public health policies. 


To increase lab efficiency by transforming a decentralised lab management system 

The Boulant-Stanifer labs needed a system for centralising protocols, experiments, and data and managing operations for their entire research group. Critical laboratory information was being stored in a dispersed way: Protocols were being stored on a shared network drive; inventory was tracked using an Excel spreadsheet, and purchasing requests were being managed through email. 

If these practices had continued long-term, the labs would have likely lost time, resources, and productivity due to mistakes and an inability to find information.


eLabNext’s platform offers a platform for centralising lab operations

To solve these problems, the Boulant-Stanifer labs searched Google and, after finding and comparing a few options, identified eLabNext and a few others as potential solutions. They tried out Quartzy and LabArchives, but neither provided the functionality they sought. When evaluating solutions, having the inventory and lab notebook centralised in one location so that all lab activities used one source was an essential feature. eLabNext stood out from competitors by providing a comprehensive hub of all lab operations, while others were missing key functions, such as inventory tracking or ordering.  


The Boulant-Stanifer Labs incorporate the eLabNext digital lab platform into their labs. After fully implementing the software, including the ordering system, inventory, protocols, equipment bookings, and experimental organisation, they can share and standardise protocols, centralise all experimental data for easy access, and streamline their ability to find items in the lab and monitor stocks of reagents. 

eLabNext enables more organised lab operations

Boulant-Stanifer Labs uses eLabNext to centralise the location of their protocols, experiments, inventory, and equipment bookings. The centralised protocol database has helped ensure that all lab members follow the same and most up-to-date protocols. It has also allowed for better tracking of information when members leave the lab. By being able to locate items, protocols, and previous experimental data, they can save time. Centralised equipment bookings also help with time management by preventing conflicts between lab members.

eLabNext facilitates more convenient order placement

eLabNext has also allowed the Boulant-Stanifer Labs to follow our inventory more closely to ensure that research supplies are always available. The ability to centralise orders has made it helpful in ensuring that items were not ordered in duplicate and were ordered ahead of them running low. They are better able to save time and money by combining orders from the same companies. 

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eLabNext Centralises Lab Data and Operations for The Boulant-Stanifer Labs at the University of Florida

Discover how eLabNext revolutionised lab management for Boulant-Stanifer Labs at the University of Florida

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