[October 2021]


Dr. Nathan Singh, Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Oncology in the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, established the Singh Lab in August 2019. It is a translational immunology research lab focused on improving immunotherapies for patients with blood cancer.

eLabNext Manages All Samples at Singh Lab

ChallengeTo Log and Track Samples Reliably, Easily, and Inexpensively

SolutioneLabNext Beats Others for Ease of Use and Cost Effectiveness

ResulteLabNext Enables Robust, Reliable Research with Sample Tracking That Works


 As we started as a lab in August 2019, we were looking for a reliable and user-friendly online freezer inventory system. We surveyed a few and found them to either have complicated interfaces or be very costly. eLabInventory is a great blend of easy-to-use and cost-efficient. We use it daily to track and log our samples in our freezers, and would be lost without it. It is intuitive to search and find samples, or enter newly created samples into the system.

Nathan Singh, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Division of Oncology


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