Case Studies

iGEM Rotterdam 2019

[March 2021] iGEM Rotterdam 2019 centralizes documentation with eLabJournal

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FOx Biosystems

[March 2021] FOx Biosystems implements eLabJournal to accurately and efficiently manage all generated laboratory research data

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Bio Bureau

[March 2021] Bio Bureau improves communication between labs with eLabJournal

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iGEM Wageningen

[March 2021] Wageningen UR first runner up in iGEM 2019 uses eLabJournal

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[March 2021] PhagoMed advances phage therapy with eLabJournal. eLabJournal is the cornerstone of our documentation processes.

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Farmers Cut

[February 2021] eLabJournal allows our team to work closely together on one platform with the possibility to store and share any information without losing context.

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EV Biotech

[February 2021] EV Biotech builds a sustainable future with help from eLabJournal

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Blachford Acoustics

[February 2021] Blachford Acoustics streamlines company productivity with eLabInventory

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CNC Holding

[February 2021] CNC Holding boosts production of innovative products by implementing eLabJournal

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