Case Studies


PhagoMed advances phage therapy with eLabJournal. eLabJournal is the cornerstone of our documentation processes.

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Farmers Cut

eLabJournal allows our team to work closely together on one platform with the possibility to store and share any information without losing context.

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EV Biotech

EV Biotech builds a sustainable future with help from eLabJournal

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Blachford Acoustics

Blachford Acoustics streamlines company productivity with eLabInventory

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CNC Holding

CNC Holding boosts production of innovative products by implementing eLabJournal

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University of Pittsburgh

eLabJournal helps Pitt Lab fight bone and soft tissue cancers

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Utrecht University

eLabInventory gives us full insight and control over all our used cell lines, plasmids and their history.

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wageningen university

Wageningen University

Wageningen University improves workflow and communication with the help of eLabJournal

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eLabJournal – Case Study – Xsphera Biosciences

Smart Companies Get Organized with eLabJournal. Structure and being organized when dealing with vast amounts

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