17 November 2021

“Limitless customization with an Open Ecosystem: How to future-proof your digital lab management”

How does one future-proof their lab? What does open ecosystem have to do with software? And how does it differ from open source?

Join us on Monday, 29 November at 17.00 CET/11:00 EST for our webinar and Q&A on the importance of open ecosystem in future-proofing your digital lab management.

This webinar features guest speakers Claudio Rolli from FLUICS Print and Ann-Claire Foetsch from Eppendorf Group.

Key learning objectives:

  • Defining open ecosystem & its importance in life science lab digitization software
  • Choosing the best digital lab software to elevate your research workflow
  • The technical methods in which lab digitization software, such as an ELN, can be configured

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