15 December 2021 The Netherlands USA

MS Office Online Server Add-On Extended: Word and PowerPoint Now Available

eLabNext launches extension of Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) integration in eLab Marketplace for use in eLabJournal, our all-in-one ELN. Previously, the existing OOS add-on only offered MS Excel. We have now launched an update to offer MS Word and MS PowerPoint for a more complete OOS add-on package. This integration enables users to work with any of the core MS Office tools directly in their ELN. This makes it easier to work on any document, table, or presentation without having to leave the digital lab notebook.

The freedom to utilise any 3rd party systems and software is essential for the present and future successes of your research organisation. We aim to continue providing a truly customisable and scalable solution for our users by ensuring an open ecosystem software. Elevate your research while keeping your lab data safe, secure, and compliant. Try the extended OOS add-on now!

Existing clients please note:

  • The new OOS add-on is available in the marketplace.
  • Existing customers on Shared Cloud Hosting with an existing license plan which includes support for use of MS Excel can install the add-on without any additional fees.
  • Existing customers on Private Cloud or On-Premises Hosting Solutions that use MS Excel may contact us to receive this extended add-on without any additional fee. On-Premises may be required to update their OOS to the latest version.
  • If you would like to use this add-on but your current license plan doesn’t support MS Excel, please contact us.

For more information on how to install and configure the new add-on, click here.

Are you interested? Sign up for a free trial or personal demo.

General note: This add-on requires a valid Microsoft Office365 License. Only users with a valid license are eligible to use this add-on. Click here for more information.

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