25 May 2021

Launch of Version 2 of eLabNext Products Improves Customer-focused Digital Lab Experience

eLabNext is launching version 2 of eLabJournal (all-in-one ELN) and eLabInventory (sample management). This update includes a new user interface (UI) that is now fully consistent with our recent rebranding.

The new UI is intuitive and easy to use – hallmarks of the superior user experience that is key to our commitment to our customers. It also provides a firm foundation for the growth of the functionality and performance of the eLabNext products. Encompassing not just the rapidly increasing worldwide footprint of eLabNext in life science laboratories but also the ability to anticipate and quickly respond to new developments in science and technology, its fully responsive design now optimizes your experience, whether it is running on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Our team of Life Science professionals understands the needs of the lab, and we used this knowledge in the design of version 2 of our products to ensure a truly customer-focused digital lab experience. The implementation of our new eLabNext brand is now complete – a source of pride and celebration to our team. Elevating your research!

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