26 July 2021 USA

eLabNext Announces Compatibility with Elemental Machines

[Available only in the USA]

eLabNext lab automation products now work together seamlessly with the Elemental Machines system of networked, turnkey sensors. The powerful collaboration will make lab experiments more precise and repeatable, ensure that biological samples are preserved, and guarantee that the quality and viability of biological reagents and therapeutics is maintained.

Automatic Temperature Collection

eLabInventory tracks and manages a complete inventory of life science laboratory samples, reagents, and the storage of temperature-critical therapeutics such as vaccines, establishing a full audit trail for each. By applying wireless Element T temperature sensors from Elemental Machines to each freezer, refrigerator, and the lab environment itself, researchers can automatically maintain a complete temperature history without effort.

Most importantly, the eLabInventory database ties every sample to the storage devices they inhabited. Whether your samples require room temperature storage, standard refrigeration, or freezing at low, ultralow, or cryogenic temperatures, Element T sensors will instantly alert you to off-specification conditions via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular network connection. Each minute, temperature readings are transmitted to eLabInventory for comprehensive, fully traceable records, including the duration and magnitude of any temperature deviation. Major disruptions and minor disturbances alike are recorded at both the device and sample levels.

Enhanced Experimental Repeatability

Controlling and recording every detail of a life science experiment improves repeatability and diagnosis and correction of deviations in methods and conditions. Elemental Machines wireless Element T and Element M sensors provide temperature and other environmental information that may be pertinent to experiments but not otherwise monitored, such as humidity, light, and pressure. eLabJournal stores that data in the electronic lab notebook and can also directly acquire experimental data from a wide variety of laboratory instruments. The Elemental Machines Element D interface device extends that capability even further.

A Free Add-On Available Today

Automatic temperature collection and improved experimental repeatability are within reach. The eLabNext Add-on for Elemental Machines is now available free of charge in the eLabNext Marketplace.

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