14 July 2020

eLabJournal Integrates FLUICS Print Add-on

FLUICS Print Add-on

Connect your labels to your Electronic Lab Notebook. The hassle-free solution to print labels directly from the sample database in your Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) with the free FLUICS Print Add-on for eLabJournal. Truly plug & play: Connect the printer, install the Add-on and start printing from eLabJournal.

The Power of eLabJournal

Bioscientists love the capability of documenting all the details of the experiments they perform, including the procedures, protocols, settings, results, and observations in the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) module of eLabJournal, while storing and accessing their samples with its Sample Tracking module. It automates many of the processes, reduces the possibility of error, and greatly increases productivity.

Barcoding Samples Inevitable

Before the samples, contained in small tubes, can be stored at sub-Antarctic temperatures in cryogenic freezers they obviously need to be labeled. With all that digital information in the eLabJournal’s ELN and Sample Tracking modules, it was obvious that writing labels by hand would be error-prone, inefficient, and make no sense at all. Barcoded labels would make labeling and retrieving the tubes foolproof and fast.

But Setting Up Printers Was a Pain in the Neck

Label printers have been available, but it was technical, difficult, and time-consuming to interface them with the eLabJournal system. Labels to fit cryogenic sample tubes had to be a precisely particular size, and have the rare physical characteristics to resist smudging and remain strongly adhesive for long periods of time at minus 80 degrees Celsius, as well as in liquid nitrogen. And they had to fit in human readable print as well as the QR code. Setting up such printers could and has been done, but it was all a pain in the neck.

FLUICS Print Now Offers Reliable Label Printing in Seconds

All of the problems have been solved by FLUICS CONNECT, a startup company out of the Technical University Munich, and their specialized Online Label Printing system. It uses robust, bright yellow labels sized perfectly for bio lab sample tubes and offers two standard label layouts with both machine-readable QR codes and human-readable text. The FLUICS CONNECT Online Printer and the Bio-ITech eLabJournal system have been designed and configured to work in harmony every time. Plug the printer into your eLabJournal system, select the Fluics Print configuration, and you are off and running, able to print labels immediately without another thought. Printing perfect labels is fast, easy, and completely reliable. What a relief!

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