16 March 2020

eLabJournal In An Episode Of AdvancementsTV With Ted Danson

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Advancements with Ted Danson is an educational series dedicated to informing the public about the latest innovations. Exploring the significant issues impacting society, Danson and the Advancements team discover practical solutions to global problems and document them to raise social awareness and accelerate progress.

The automation of IT and software development is accelerating rapidly, helping companies bring new products and ideas to market faster and more efficiently than ever. Advancements explores technology-related topics, including the emergence of big data, smart mobile connectivity, social media, 3-D printing, analytics, and more. The show demonstrates the enormous impact science and technology are having on our world.

This episode focuses on introducing Bio-ITech and its electronic lab notebook (eLabJournal), explaining how it has helped tens of thousands of scientists worldwide to improve productivity and quality in life sciences laboratories, using digital technologies.

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