14 December 2020

eLab Marketplace Extends eLabJournal With Free Add-Ons

elab marketplace

We would like to introduce the launch of eLab Marketplace – a digital catalogue that makes it easy to find the add-ons you need to extend and enhance the power of your ELN.

The eLab Marketplace includes software add-ons that integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Translate, as well as tools to boost sample management and biobanking: Sample Check-Out, Scan to ELN, Sample Parent, Barcode Import, and Compartment Barcode modules.

Users can install all eLab Marketplace add-ons for free

eLab Marketplace is launched with a collection of free add-ons that support the integration of popular services used in many labs. All add-ons are available for use with eLabJournal while most add-ons are available for use with eLabInventory.

Login to your account and explore the marketplace or create a free trial account and get started today.

Having the Marketplace is unique among electronic lab notebooks and sample management systems in allowing the software to be readily customized by any third party. Customers, software developers, or third-party service providers can use our SDK (Software Development Kit) and API (Application Programming Interface) to develop an add-on and add this to eLab Marketplace.

Interested in developing an add-on for eLabJournal? Contact us

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