16 July 2018

Bio-ITech Integrates Chemaxon’s Chemical Editor Marvin JS

ChemAxon and Bio-ITech jointly announce a new software integration. To enhance productivity in chemistry labs, ChemAxon’s chemical drawing browser component, Marvin JS, was integrated into the Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) eLabJournal.

Marvin JS is a powerful, lightweight chemical sketcher tool for drawing chemical structures or visualizing reactions and/or reaction mechanisms. Additional advanced features include: atom lists, homology groups, query atoms and bonds, R-groups, atom, and bond query properties that help to perform a focused search. A variety of chemical structure formats are included too.

Wouter de Jong, Bio-ITech’s Managing Director says “There are many organisations that are using eLabJournal, some of which are chemistry or biochemistry labs. By offering the option to draw chemical structures in the ELN with Marvin JS, we are now also able to support all those laboratories.”

“Our development teams work passionately to provide solution partners with easy to integrate next-generation chemistry software, such as Marvin JS. We’re happy to contribute to eLabJournals’ improved offer for chemistry users.” remarks ChemAxon’s CEO, Ferenc Csizmadia.

About ChemAxon

ChemAxon is a leading cheminformatics and bioinformatics software provider for the chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food & fragrance, petrochemical, and agrochemical industries. ChemAxon creates innovative cross-platform solutions, that power modern cheminformatics activities. With the regional headquarters in Budapest, Hungary and Cambridge, MA, USA; and to support its global customers with offices in Europe, AsiaPacific the region, and North America.

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