5 December 2018 The Netherlands

Bio-ITech and Linde Gas Cryoservices Announce Partnership

Linde Gas Cryoservices B.V.

Bio-ITech and Linde Gas Cryoservices jointly announce a new commercial partnership for sales in the Benelux countries of eLabInventory, an inventory, and sample tracking software system.

Wouter de Jong, Founder, and CEO of Bio-ITech: “Bio-ITech is growing rapidly, so we needed a fast-growing, successful partner that could jump us to the next level of market coverage and penetration. Linde Cryoservices is the right company. The combined Linde-Bio-ITech product portfolio is a clear winner and brings the unique value of eLabInventory to an even larger audience.”

“Linde Cryoservices sees great potential for the sales of eLabInventory,” said Wil Kremers, Sales Manager Cryoservices & Hospital Care Benelux at Linde Cryoservices. “We meet with potential users of eLab software every day, and see great opportunities to add this fine software product to our already strong product portfolio.”

eLabInventory is now available for sale through Linde Gas Cryoservices.

About Linde Gas Cryoservices

Linde Gas Cryoservices supplies liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, and dry ice for cryogenic applications in the pharmaceutical, medical, veterinary, and technical sectors, among others. Besides cryogenic gases, Linde Cryoservices also supplies a wide range of gas-related products and services, such as cryogenic freezers, pressure and transport vessels, engineering, safety training, hardware rental, gas detection, and equipment for control and monitoring of cryobanks. At Linde’s own cryobank, in Hedel, the biomedical and pharmaceutical materials of our customers are professionally handled and stored by our highly trained staff. Linde Gas Cryoservices is part of Linde plc., the world market leader in industrial and medical gases and gas mixtures.

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