Update Cycle

Dedicated system installation – Update Cycle

Keeping eLabNext products up to date is part of our service delivery. With Cloud, Private Cloud, or On-Premises installation, you will automatically receive all software updates including new features, improvements, and bug fixes without additional charge. Based on the feedback of our end-users, we continuously improve the existing system functionality and add new features.

In the Cloud, new software updates are frequently released. End-users of customers with a dedicated system installation also benefit from all new features.

eLabNext deploys every quarter the latest software version on the client’s Private Cloud or On-Premises installation. Software updates are installed using an automated and validated update procedure via Octopus Deploy.

For customers with an acceptance server, updates are released to the acceptance server before releasing the update to the production environment. For every update, a complete list of changes is available in the changelog of the Organisation Admin Panel or System Admin Panel.


Private Cloud and On-Premises Update Schedule 2022

Release Cycle Release Date Acceptance Server Release date Production Server
Release 2022 Q1 07-Feb-2022 27-Feb-2022
Release 2022 Q2 09-May-2022 29-May-2022
Release 2022 Q3 08-Aug-2022 28-Aug-2022
Release 2022 Q4 07-Nov-2022 27-Nov-2022

* System administrators and/or Organisation administrators are automatically notified 3 weeks prior to installation of the software update to their production system.

System validation

In GxP-regulated environments, software updates require validation prior to installation to a production environment. The eLabNext development process is based on the DTAP cycle (Development, Testing, Acceptance, and Production) in which each step is performed in a different environment. In addition to the automatic installation of software updates, eLabNext offers the option to have the customer’s team validate new software updates before they are deployed to the production environment. With this option, updates are installed to a customer-specific Acceptance Server 3 weeks before to scheduled update of the customer production environment. In the event that the update fails the validation process, the scheduled update can be cancelled prior to its installation to the production environment. The use of an acceptance server is only available for Private Cloud or On-Premises installations.

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