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The VisioNize® sense add-on works seamlessly with eLabInventory

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The VisioNize sense kit includes an environmental monitoring sensor that measures ambient temperature, humidity, pressure & light, and a PT-100 extension that can measure the temperature of any device (including ULT freezers) within the range of +60 to -90 °C. The gateway router routes the collected parameter data to VisioNize Lab Suite and the data is collected in your eLabInventory module. 

The VisioNize sense add-on offers a flexible way to visualize temperature data to monitor and protect the integrity of your samples.

Eppendorf VisioNize senseEppendorf VisioNize senseEppendorf VisioNize sense

Get connected to VisioNize® Lab Suite & go beyond sample safety

The laboratory of today relies on digitization at every step of the experiment workflow. Although digitization offers improved management of data, mistakes cannot always be avoided. Even the smallest change in temperature can affect the quality of a sample; therefore, notification and monitoring systems are necessary not only for sample safety but also to maintain confidence in your lab data. 

VisioNize sense captures, records, and transfers any and all changes in your environmental conditions. The easy-to-install sensor system doesn’t require special IT skills. Now, with the VisioNize sense add-on, users may retrieve relevant sensor monitoring data without the added step of logging into the VisioNize Lab Suite from Eppendorf.


The VisioNize sense add-on is available free of charge in the eLab Marketplace.


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