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Today’s laboratory relies on digitization at every step of the experiment workflow. Though digitization offers more information, it cannot prevent failures alone because scientists need to react quickly to prevent issues, e.g. sample loss.

VisioNize sense can capture, record, and transfer even the most minor changes in your environmental conditions, and an easy-to-install sensor system requires no specialist IT skills. With the VisioNize sense add-on, you can retrieve relevant sensor monitoring data without logging into VisioNize Lab Suite from Eppendorf.

The add-on works seamlessly with eLabInventory and offers a flexible way to visualize temperature data within your inventory module, protecting your samples’ integrity.

The VisioNize sense kit includes an environmental monitoring sensor that measures ambient temperature, humidity, pressure and light, and a PT-100 extension that can measure the temperature of any device (including ULT freezers) within the range of +60 to -90°C. The gateway router routes the collected parameter data to VisioNize Lab Suite, and the data is collected in your eLabInventory module.

As a user, you can easily switch to VisioNize Lab Suite to enjoy the complete feature set of the Eppendorf digital platform.

Step-by-step guide

Whether you are looking for a remote monitoring solution, an alarm, or management system or ways to access device performance data easily, VisioNize Lab Suite has all the services to help you build an intelligent laboratory with increased sample safety, productivity and reliability.

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