eLab Marketplace Add-ons

Extend the functionality of your digital lab with add-ons from eLab Marketplace.
Installation is done directly from the Marketplace section of your eLabNext account.


The eLabSync add-on lets you sync files from a local computer to your eLabJournal account for easy storing and linking.  From your ELN dashboard, the

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Why are laboratories reluctant to choose cloud hosting? A cloud-based ELN offers unparalleled access to your data from any device, anywhere in the world. With

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Link research data of any format to your ELN with eLabWebEdit Editing linked data in your ELN can be tedious due to security  measures (also

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Mobile App

Draft experiments in the comfort of your office–bring to the lab only what you really need with eLabNext Mobile App eLabNext Mobile App is an

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Marvin JS

Draw chemical structures right in your ELN Integrate ChemAxon’s chemical editor, Marvin JS, into eLabJournal. Draw chemical structures and visualise reactions or reaction mechanisms.  GLP

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