Safe & reliable identification with Eppendorf SafeCode

“Stored vessels must be labeled”–Something every lab member agrees on.

In reality, you always find some vessels in your freezer without labels or with illegible ones. Clear labels are recommended to make reading as easy and as reliable as possible for everyone. Printed labels on vessels in plain writing are the minimum condition for safe reading. Barcodes or 2D datamatrix codes are next steps towards faster and safer sample identification.

Eppendorf SafeCode – Features & benefits

  • Offers a range of pre-labeled off-the-shelf consumables for immediate use
  • Reliable and durable labels for safe sample ID
  • Store all relevant experimental data for easy documentation

Eppendorf SafeCode System – CryoStorage Vials

The SafeCode System for CryoStorage Vials is based on a 3-level coding to enable safe sample identification. Up to 96 pre-labeled vials are pre-racked and pre-capped for convenient usage.

Using several volumes for your sample storage? Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials come in a broad range of volumes: 0.5 mL, 1.0 mL, 1.5 mL, 2.0 mL, & 4.0 mL.

All vials are available off-the-shelf, meaning they are sterilized and ready-to-use.

Improve your sample ID system

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